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(ide)ate is a human-centred design studio that helps brands think beyond the status quo.

Photo of a woman smiling, looking at the camera. She is wearing a grey jumper and has long blonde hairPhoto of a woman smiling and looking at the camera. She is wearing a green jacket and cream coloured hijabA photo of a man that has down syndrome. He is smiling at the camera while holding a plant A photo of a team working together in an office where the focal point is a man is in a wheelchair

Despite efforts to achieve greater Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and the various benefits that come with it, companies continue to create products, services, strategies & spaces that exclude.

On one hand, organisations are asking, "How might we…

...create a more inclusive hiring strategy for our clients?” Founder, Tech Recruitment Agency

… incorporate fresh thinking into our product design processes?” Exec., Big 4 Bank

…create a more inclusive & thoughtful go-to-market strategy?”  Exec., Global Entertainment App

…co-design tech alongside folks with varying access needs?” Professor, Melbourne Uni.

A photo of a team working together in an office, placed over a stylised graphic background. One man is in a wheelchair, one woman is sitting and wearing glasses, a third person is standing while pointing to something

While on the other...

Underserved communities are saying, listen to, believe & meaningfully include us in the design of your businesses products, services & strategies.

But without a way of connecting these stakeholder groups, the status quo persists, leading us to design short-sighted solutions that reinforce stereotypes, miss innovation opportunities & increase risk.

Our solution? Let's bridge this gap.

A woman smiling while looking at the camera, placed over a stylised background. She is wearing a green hijab over cream coloured clothing

(ide)ate Studio is Australia's largest network for discovering fresh perspectives about your brand.

By bringing together a broad range of skilled people, including academics, advisors, thought leaders and folks with lived experience of exclusion, we help organisations see, explore & realise the tremendous potential that exists when we design beyond the status quo.

We work collaboratively with our community, NGO's & clients to deliver better products, services and strategies through:

Research & Insights
Inclusive (ide)ation
Strategy Design

I'm a Businesses

We'll help you build inclusive & sustainable business practices.

I have Lived Experience

Connect with businesses while being paid fairly for your time & expertise.

The "Business Case"

We don't really believe in the business case for diversity. We believe it's common sense ;) However, we know not all people think this way (yet!), so here are some statistics to help nudge naysayers along:

For Marketers

38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that do well with showing diversity in their ads

Por Product Teams

Inclusively designed products & services can reach & benefit up to 4x the intended audience

For Talent Teams

76% job seekers report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies

For Business Leaders

Employees of firms with diversity are 70% likelier to report that they captured a new market

A young gender diverse person wearing glasses, looking at the camera and smiling. They are wearing a striped shirt over a black tank

Our Mission

We exist to promote social & economic inclusion of marginalised communities, with 10% of (ide)ate's profits re invested into NFP's who share this vision.


We aim to provide a judgement-free space as we believe this is where unlearning and learning thrives. See some commonly asked questions that you may still have.

"Lyndal is our DEI rocket scientist!”


Talent Analytica

“Lyndal masterfully & respectfully got me to challenge & broaden my own thinking, helping me to see the power of curiosity in everyday interactions."

Head of Sales

TDC Global 

"In talking to Lyndal, you quickly realise that this is what she was put on this Earth to do."


Outrace AI, Business Consultant & Peak Performance Coach